Солнышко / Ultraviolet bactericidal irradiator "OUFb-04"

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Ultraviolet bactericidal irradiator OUFb-04 "Solnyshko" is intended for local, local and intracavitary exposure in the effective spectral range of radiation 180–275 nm (UVC range). It is used for inflammatory diseases in otolaryngology, surgery, for sterilizing indoor air and for treating household and medical items in medical, treatment-and-prophylactic, sanatorium-resort institutions and at home. Characteristics Power consumption: no more than 50 W. The device parameters stabilize within 1 minute after the UV lamp starts to glow. Works continuously for 30 minutes, followed by a break of at least 15 minutes. Dimensions: 260 x 140 x 130 mm. Power supply from the network: 220 V;
frequency: 50 Hz. Irradiation in the effective spectral range is: With total irradiation at a distance of 0.7 m from the irradiated surface - not less than 1.4 W / m2. Complete set Ultraviolet irradiator for local irradiation OUFb-04 "Sun" - 1 pc. UV protective goggles - 1 pc. Tube with an outlet Ø5 mm - 1 pc. Tube with outlet Ø15 mm - 1 pc. Tube with an outlet at an angle of 60 ° - 1 pc. Biodosimeter - 1 pc. Instruction manual Instruction for use
Installation type - Desktop;
Height, mm - 130;
Body material - Plastic;
Voltage, V
Power consumption, W - 50;
Productivity, cubic meters / hour
Lamp life, hour
Irradiator type - Closed;
Noise level, dB
Lamp base
Width, mm - 140;
Length, mm - 260;
Number of lamps
With remote control - No;
Device type (recirculators) - Illuminator


Length in packing, mm
Package height, mm
Width in packing, mm
Package weight, kg

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