Алтайский Нектар / Set of natural chewing gums Zhivitsa and Kedritsa

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Gum "Siberian larch", 4 g. One pack contains 5 pillows, 0.8 g each. Natural chewing gum from Siberian larch resin. Strengthens teeth and gums, cleanses the oral cavity, freshens breath. Chewing resin "Kedritsa", 3.2 g. One pack contains 4 pads, 0.8 g each. Resin is an environmentally friendly cedar resin gum. Promotes restoration of tooth enamel Provides the prevention of oral diseases caused by the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms (gingivitis, periodontitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, etc.) Accelerates the healing of wounds and microcracks in the oral cavity Helps eliminate unpleasant odors by freshening breath Helps to strengthen the chewing muscles and gums Has an antioxidant effect, protecting the body from the harmful effects of food, medicines, bad habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.), stressful conditions and negative environmental factors Helps to strengthen the immune system. Recommendations for use: Warm the product in your mouth for 5-10 seconds before use. Chew after meals for 15-20 minutes. Has no restrictions on the frequency of use. Contraindications: Individual intolerance to the components, acute forms of periodontitis. Do not chew on an empty stomach. Purpose: Gingivitis Laryngitis Periodontitis Stress

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