Скифия / Scythia / Mask for oily hair, 200 ml

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Owners of oily hair have to wash their hair every day, however, this is not good for the hair structure, especially the more often you wash your hair, the more often you use a hairdryer. The reason for oily hair can be the use of shampoos containing aggressive surfactants, they are not expensive, have good foaming, wash the hair to a "squeak", however, they violate the lipid layer of the scalp, make the sebaceous glands work in an enhanced mode. Natural formulations, a properly selected shampoo in combination with a balm, as well as masks for hair and scalp will help to solve the problem. Coriander hydrolate has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, prevents hair loss and premature graying, restores and strengthens thinned, brittle and colored hair, and makes hair shiny. Jojoba oil effectively dissolves oily formations, cleanses hair care products, normalizes the functions of hair follicles, moisturizes, improves their condition, does not clog pores. Wheat protein is a hair protein that has powerful conditioning properties. Penetrating easily into the hair shaft, proteins fill the voids, align the hair shaft, strengthen the hair, and restore it after curling. Aloe Vera - a gel made from the juice of the leaves of the agave, contains amino acids, allantoin, vitamins B, E, which are indispensable for strengthening the hair shaft. St. John's wort extract deeply affects the hair structure, strengthening and toning it, makes the hair splendid, silky. Essential oil of coriander promotes deep flow of nutrients to the hair follicles. The use of the mask will help to reduce the frequency of hair washing, improve the hair structure, strengthen and normalize the sebaceous glands.

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