Скифия / Scythia / Mask for dry hair, 200 ml

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As a result of frequent perms, dyeing, discoloration, the use of hot appliances: hair dryer, ironing, curling irons, etc., abuse of styling products, hair becomes dry, dull, haggard, brittle. At the same time, there is an insufficient secretion of sebum, dry strands do not shine, they are difficult to comb, they easily get tangled. In this case, you need to additionally moisturize the hair, restore it, saturate it with the necessary substances. The mask nourishes, moisturizes, strengthens. Agrimony hydrolat contains a large amount of silicic acid, which is essential for maintaining healthy hair, softens damaged hair, gives it a healthy shine, hair becomes soft and strong. Burdock oil (from burdock root), which contains a large amount of minerals, proteins, fatty amino acids, vitamins A, groups B, C, E, P, tannins, nourishes, restores the metabolism of the hairline, accelerates hair growth, prevents their loss. Mustard oil has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, nourishes hair, moisturizes. Cashmere proteins affect hair strength, increase manageability and elasticity, protect hair during dyeing and styling, have regenerating properties, restore, improve the appearance, make hair smooth and shiny, create a protective film that retains moisture. Provitamin B5 has excellent moisturizing properties, forms hair protection, enveloping each hair, creating the thinnest, but durable film. Ginkgo biloba reduces the aging process of hair, perfectly strengthens thin and weakened hair, improves its structure. Essential oils of lavender and pine are effective against dryness, moisturize, nourish, improve the structure of the hair, gradually saturate the curls with life-giving power, return their natural shine and make them obedient. Thanks to the use of the mask, it is easier to style and comb the curls. The use of the product allows the hair not to get tangled or torn.

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