Скифия / Scythia / Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Top Quality, 5 ml

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Woody camphor with a tart and resinous note, the aroma restores after stress, relieves fatigue, apathy, drowsiness, melancholy. Helps focus attention. Aromatherapists believe that eucalyptus has antiviral, bactericidal and expectorant properties, prevents the reproduction and spread of viruses. Used for colds, flu, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, sinusitis, hoarseness of the voice, as an antipyretic agent, increases immunity. As an anesthetic used for trauma, arthritis, myositis, radiculitis. Relieves inflammation of the urinary tract, in gynecology it is used for erosion, thrush, mastitis. Helps with insect bites. To prevent influenza, it is useful to aromatize the air in the room.

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