ЛАС ИГРАС / Scrying runes "Classic"

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Boxing: 88 pcs;
Composition: Wood, cardboard, textiles;
Materials: wood, cardboard, textiles;
Packing: 1 pc;
Packing size: 4cm × 13.6cm × 11cm;
Age: From 16 years old;
Holiday theme: Halloween, Universal, March 8;
Number of players: 1 player, 2 players, 2 - 4 players;
Playing time: 20 minutes;
Game genre: Fortune telling;
Reason for Play: March 8, On the Road, Halloween Reveal Destiny's Plans! The ancients often turned to fortune telling to find out answers to important questions or make decisions. The Scandinavian tribes asked for advice from the runes - the ancient written signs of their people, which they endowed with magical properties. Turn your question to the classic divination runes, and they will resolve your doubts and help you cope with any situation. Find out your future! In the kit for the set you will find a complete interpretation of the runes, as well as various ways of laying out these unique signs. The instruction will tell you how to properly handle the runes, and even if you were not familiar with Scandinavian fortune telling before, from this day on you will easily master this skill. Inside: * 24 wooden runes; * interpretation; * storage bag. Trust the secret knowledge, and secrets will be revealed to you!


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