B.WELL / Tonometer "PRO-33"

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Automatic tonometer PRO-33 is designed to control pressure. The device uses the classic Intellect Classic measurement algorithm and provides an accurate result. The arrhythmia indicator will alert you if your heart rhythm is abnormal. The use of the tonometer will be comfortable: the tapered cuff fits snugly to the arm, and the anatomical shape avoids strong compression. Features Arrhythmia indicator The device detects cardiac arrhythmias at an early stage. The technology detects an unstable heart rate and displays a special symbol on the display. This will allow you to consult a specialist in time and prevent incipient heart diseases. Intellect Classic technology Before measuring pressure, the tonometer determines the optimal level of cuff inflation for each individual. Cone cuff It evenly distributes air pressure and provides a complete set The device for measuring blood pressure and pulse rate model PRO-33 Cone cuff on the shoulder size M for an arm circumference of 22-32 cm AAA batteries - 4 pcs. Warranty card Instruction manual Storage bag
Tonometer type - Automatic;
Cuff Fastening - On the shoulder;
Cuff size - 22.00 * 32.00;
Pulse rate measurement range, beats / min - 40.00 * 200.00;
Pressure measurement range, mm Hg Art. - 1.00 * 300.00;
Features of the tonometer - Arrhythmia indicator;
Features of the tonometer - Universal cuff;
Features of the tonometer - Determination of arrhythmia;
Memory - No;
Tonometer memory - Last measurement;
Power type - From batteries;
Power type - 220 V mains;
Battery size - AAA


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