A&D / Wrist tonometer "AND UB-505"

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A tonometer with a hand position indicator is worn on the wrist. Features of the model: sensor of the correct position of the hand; built-in memory for 2 users; large display; arrhythmia indicator, WHO (World Health Organization) scale; calculation of the average daily, morning and evening pressure; hard case included. The guarantee for the main unit in the case is 10 years. Package Contents Main unit in the case Cuff Case AAA battery - 2 pcs. User manual Warranty card
Tonometer type - Automatic;
Cuff Fastening - On the wrist;
Power type - From batteries;
Power type - 220 V mains;
Pressure measurement range, mm Hg Art. - 20.00 * 280.00;
Pulse rate measurement range, beats / min - 40.00 * 200.00;
Cuff size - 13.50 * 21.50;
Features of the tonometer - Determination of arrhythmia;
Features of the tonometer - WHO color scale;
Features of the tonometer - Large display;
Features of the tonometer - Cuff position indicator;
Features of the tonometer - Calculation of the average pressure;
Tonometer memory - 60 measurements;
Battery size - AAA


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