BioMialvel / Revitalizing Serum concentrate of Hyaluronic acid with Allantoin, Creatine and Panthenol, 5 pcs

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A concentrate of hyaluronic acid of three types (high-, low- and minimum molecular) for daily intensive moisturizing of the face and neck, from the world's largest manufacturer of hyaluronic acid for professional use Bloomage Biotechnology Corp. Contains Allantoin, Creatine, Provitamin B5, bacterial complex and enzymes of soybean fruit, which provides deep nourishment and lifting of the skin. Free of parabens, silicones, colorants and fragrances. Free from cruelty to animals. Biodegradable packaging. It has a biorevitalizing effect without injections. Creates a natural moisture-binding protective film on the skin surface to maintain water balance. Restores skin elasticity by strengthening the hydrolipid mantle and preventing its aging. Tightens the face frame thanks to Creatine. Suitable for all skin types, including problem skin. Ideal for mature skin care. Recommended to enhance the effect before and after aesthetic medicine procedures, especially mesotherapy. Presentable packaging of high quality with silver dusting and "clean" composition of the product make the serum an ideal gift. Apply in a course of at least 5 days. With daily use, the skin becomes radiant, well-groomed, firm and elastic, the complexion is even. Application: use after cleansing your face in the morning or evening. Shake the ampoule lightly, break off the top by turning it around the axis. One ampoule - one application. Apply half of the contents to the face, using your fingertips to tap into the skin. Let it soak (10-15 minutes), then you can apply your usual skin care cream. Combined with BioMialvel Sculpting Tissue Mask provides a symbiotic effect, enhancing the action of both products.


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