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When selling products of domestic and foreign production, importers and manufacturers are constantly faced with the need to pass the procedure for their certification. But in the event that the controlled goods are not contained in any of the mandatory lists for certification, provision is made for the refusal of letters. Samples of such documents can be demonstrated to you by experts from Deloitte. A rejection letter is a confirming document designed to convince representatives of supervisory or supervisory bodies that the manufacturer / supplier does not need to undergo certification procedures for their goods. This document is drawn up without specifying a term and is valid until changes are made in the legislation. The recommended period for updating this document is one year. Refusal letters can exist in two forms: • For trade; • Customs failure letter. The letter, addressed by the customs authority, has information about what document your product accompanies, the numbering of the import contract is indicated there and information about the invoice is indicated, according to which the goods were delivered. Now the applicant himself has the right to choose a certification body to obtain the required confirmation. The easiest way is to get them through an accredited certification center that will perform a complex procedure for preparing a preliminary package of documents for you and you will not have to experience unpleasant bureaucratic procedures. Receipt of a denial letter for customs should be made only after an agreement with the customs authorities, as, in some individual cases, there may be enough letters for trade. It should be taken into account that the availability of a voluntary certificate does not exempt from the need to file a rejection letter. The corresponding letter for trade is to be drawn up for successful trading in the consumer market. Explanatory letters of this kind can be requested by the owners of large retail or wholesale networks to sell goods in their companies to make sure that there is no need for certificates of conformity for the products of interest. Provides for the preparation of this type of document on a sheet of usual A4 format, indicating the exact name of the receiving organization of the refusal letter, transferring the controlled goods and explaining the need for certification procedures to be passed for them. The accredited center "Deloitte" will render all possible assistance in obtaining the type of letter you need. After submitting the application, our experts will conduct a free consultation on issues that concern you, tangent the execution of this document and calculate the cost of processing it for you, because in each case it is calculated individually. The prepared documents will be delivered by courier service to your convenient address in the shortest possible time!