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A & P International Co LTD is registered in the free economic zone of Shanghai China. The main area of ​​activity is the import of goods, including food products from Russia and CIS countries, promotion of these goods in the PRC market. During our work, our team has accumulated positive practical experience in the organization of sales: work with wholesale buyers, retail trade networks, work on electronic trading platforms B2B. We understand the nuances of working in the Chinese market, we know and practically fulfill all the requirements of the PRC legislation relating to the registration of a trademark, certification in the territory of the PRC of goods, customs clearance. To date, our company is the official representative on the territory of the PRC of a number of Russian manufacturers, including: DOBROFLOT, DOBRODEYA, JSC NEFIS; Latvian company LIBAVA. We have practically carried out registration of trade marks of the given companies and products made by them, made customs clearance, organized sales. Currently, our company has obtained a license to import and sell alcoholic beverages in the territory of China. We suggest that you consider the organization of representation of your company on the territory of China on the basis of our company. The location of our company in the SEZ Shanghai allows you to import goods into the PRC without a duty, organize its storage, organize its presentation and sell within the FEZ without duty. In addition, we are ready to provide you with the following services: 1.Po your task to analyze the feasibility of exporting to China your products: to determine the possibility of exporting this product to the PRC based on the requirements of the controlling authorities of the PRC; determine the necessary package of documents for the certification of this product in the PRC, based on the requirements imposed by the controlling authorities of the PRC; identify the necessary package of documents for customs clearance in China; provide a full calculation of financial costs for product certification in China, its customs clearance, including customs duties. 2.Do your task, conduct research on the availability of this product (its counterparts) in the PRC market; determine the average cost of your product, compared to other similar imported products and similar products produced in China; determine the main areas of sales in the PRC. 3.On your task, prepare a sales strategy in the territory of China of your product. Determine the final cost of this product, taking into account the costs of storage and internal logistics, the cost of placing the product in the retail trade networks of the PRC. Prepare recommendations for the adaptation of the product, its packaging, labels for the PRC market. Prepare proposals for the name of the product in Chinese. 4.Po your task to register your trademark in the PRC. 5. Under your assignment, to organize the sale of your product in the territory of China, subject to the fulfillment of pp. 1; 2; 3 and the availability of an agreed sales strategy. Prepare an export contract, its coordination with the currency control authorities of the PRC, coordination with the customs authorities. Export the test batch of your product. Customs clearance of the test batch in the territory of China, product certification, design of counter labels (import sticker). Test sales, imported lots, on electronic platforms and stores. Development of commercial offers and product presentations for potential buyers. Presentation of your product. Participation in thematic exhibitions on the territory of the PRC with the presentation of you as a producer and your product. Carrying out of negotiations with the Chinese transport companies, the companies which are carrying out warehouse storage, retail trading networks. Preparation, negotiation and conclusion of contracts with these companies. 6.On the rights of the official representative of your company, we can organize a network of distributors and wholesale buyers. Develop and monitor this network.