Refrigerated Transport / Рефрижераторный транспорт Cold Storage/ Хранение в холодильнике Distribution service/ Службы распространения Refrigerated Transport / Рефрижераторный транспорт Cold Storage/ Хранение в холодильнике Distribution service/ Службы распространения

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ABA cold storage can play the role of a distribution center for customers who have the need to distribute wholesale or retail their products to the market. Our storage is designed with the aim of distribution. The ante-room is tailored with suitable temperature with the assurance to maintain the products’ temperature during distribution despite outside temperature. We currently provide distribution center service for supermarket and hypermarket chains as well as many other retailers in Vietnam.Ante-room With a variable number of docks and spacious transshipment area, ideal location and a team of experienced staffs with decades of experience in cold chain profession, we are proud to be able to meet the strictest requirements from customers concerning quality, quantity, specifications of any hypermarkets. The distribution activities are well organized and implemented at customer’s request, adjacent to your own need and purpose with close monitoring of procedure, temperature and products’ quality. Our distribution center provides services include: - PAXD: Pre-allocated Cross-docking - BBXD: Break-Bulk Cross-docking - Central Storage - Packaging - Weighting - Labeling - Other value-added services Our distribution center serves 24/24. -------------------------------------------------------- With 17 cold rooms with the capacity up to 15,000 pallets, 2500m2 ante room for distribution operation. ABA is able to provide cold storage service for any volume of chilled and frozen products with a wide range of temperature from -25oC to +22oC. Services at ABA cold storage include: • Storage • Distribution service • Cross-docking service • Blast freezing service • Value-added services ----------------------------------------------- ABA provides the customer with a long-haul-trucking-service from the South to the North and vice versa. We ensure the shortest lead-time with a strict commitment to temperature-control, maintain constant temperature required during delivery from the beginning to the end of the journey. Data loggers are equipped with each truck to guarantee the recording and monitoring the constant of temperature. GPS also helps to report the actual delivery time of the trucks. We are able to allow the customer to access to real-time activities of the trucks during its delivery. ABA commits to deliver the products at the right-temperature and make sure of the products’ quality of any types even sensitive. ABA long-haul-trucking-service, together with our know-how experiences through multi-drop-delivery will facilitate the distribution of goods to distributors or supermarket chains located along the journey and will release customers from any concern about products’ quality and output temperature.