Dorco / Razor "Pace7", 5 cassettes in a gift box with gold embossing

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Certificate: PCT;
Set: No;
For whom: For men;
In the set, pcs.: 2;
Holiday theme: Universal;
Addressee: No addressee;
Kind: Shaving sets;
Components of the set: Replacement razor cartridges, Razor set Contents of the set * Dorco Pace7 razor (without stand). * Replacement cassette Dorco Pace7, 5 pcs. (1 piece on the machine and 4 pieces in a case). Features * The packaging is made in a simple style, has a black glossy finish with gold embossing on the front side. * Magnetic flap on the end closes the box tightly. * Figured foam lodgment, cut in the form of a razor and replaceable cassettes, protects against damage during transportation. Advantages of the machine * 7-blade shaving system. * Floating front-mounted shaver head follows the contours of the face. * Easy washing of all 7 blades thanks to the open back of the cartridge. * Antioxidants from argan oil and calendula extract soothe irritation even on the most sensitive skin. * Soft wide rubber micro-comb allows you to follow the contours of the face without additional effort. * The special non-slip rubber coating on the metal handle makes shaving comfortable and confident.


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