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The kindergarten works under the program "Childhood" and implements the GEF Do. Additional variational programs are used. One of them is the Regional Program "Education of a Little Volzhanin", reflecting the specifics of the cultural, historical, ethnic, socio-economic, climatic conditions of the Lower Volga region. In the "Little Country" attention is also paid to the spiritual and moral upbringing. Studies on the basics of Orthodox culture are conducted by the parish priest Father Victor. Priority in kindergarten is artistic and aesthetic education, through art pedagogy. We actively develop emotional intelligence. For this purpose, the support of the child by a psychologist and speech therapist is organized in the "Little Country". Today we have developed and launched a project on correctional pedagogy, aimed at working with children with a delay in speech and mental development. We create conditions for the implementation of inclusive education. Art workshop * art creativity, * applied activity, * Theatrical activities Music studio * learn to listen to music, sing and play musical instruments Chess * develop the skills of strategic thinking Speech therapist-defectologist * Get the support and assistance of specialists Psychologist * help children develop such useful skills as attention, assiduity, * will help prepare for school Family counseling * help parents solve problems with the child, * helps to get to know each other better