Дарим Красиво / Presenting Nicely / Topper "My mommy" 13 × 6.5 cm

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Minimum order amount for the supplier 24.85 USD

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Package Contents In a set of 5 toppers: topper "My mommy", red - 2 pcs .; topper "To my mommy", blue - 1 piece; topper "My mommy", white - 1 piece; topper "To my mommy", yellow - 1 pc. Toppers are small decorative plaques made of wood. Use decoration to decorate the bouquet. So you will emphasize the beauty of flowers and give a lot of positive emotions to your dear person. Temperature limitation is not required;
Color - MIX;
Material - Wood;
Topper shape - Inscription;
Holiday theme - Mother's Day;
Holiday theme - Birthday;
Holder height, cm - 28.5;
Topper features - No features;
Decor type for decorating bouquets - Topper;
Holiday theme - March 8


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