Birgitte Frigast / Porcelain Doll Princess, 10 cm

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Remember the fairy tale "the Princess and the pea", when the Prince wanted to marry only a real Princess? The tale was inspired by the talented Danish artist Birgitte Frigast to create this miniature collectible handmade dolls. Limited edition. Head, hands and feet made of high quality porcelain. Apparel, textile accessories were created by hand using natural fabrics. A gentle Princess, a white cambric shirt, sits on a mountain of quilts and mattresses under which the Queen hid a pea. White bed made of wood. The Princess is already crowned with a Golden crown, she smiles, because it proved his noble birth and preparing for the wedding. Pea, you will not find, because it was placed in the Museum.

All dolls Birgitte Frigast worthy of attention not only collectors, they live in ordinary houses in different countries, delighting and inspiring their owners.

Doll comes in a gift box. A certificate from the author.

Manufacturer: company Birgitte Frigast ApS (Denmark)

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