Глобен / Political globe "Classic"

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In the box: 1 piece;

Composition: Plastic;

Materials: plastic;

Packing: 1 pc;

Individual packing: Cardboard packing;

Packing size: 32cm × 32cm × 35cm;

Certificate: ЕАС;

Diameter, mm: 320;

Stand height, cm: 4.4;

Diameter, cm: 32;

Type of packaging: Cardboard box;

Material: Plastic;

Powered by mains: Yes;

Backlight: Yes;

Globe type: Political;

Features of the globes: Backlight;

Scale: 1-40,000,000;

Backlight: From the network;

Globe for everyone, globe for everyone! The globe is the easiest way to instill in your child a love of geography. He is an excellent visual example, which is able to explain the concepts of planet Earth in a playful, accessible and understandable form. Also, interest in globes is shown not only by children, but also by adults. For many, a reduced copy of the planet replaces the atlas of the world due to its availability and versatility. Smart gift! Who is it customary to give globes to? Everyone! Political globe "Classic", diameter 320 mm, with backlighting is a miniature copy of the globe, in which everyone will find something of their own. * Travelers and avid tourists will be able to mark with stickers the places they have visited or are going to visit; * business and successful people will appreciate such a gift, because the globe is associated with status and power; * teachers, scientists, students or simply extraordinary personalities will also find a worthy place for the globe in their home. So, hurry up to order table globes in our online store at attractive prices, and remember who owns a globe owns the world!


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