Jerusalem artichoke fiber

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"Personal nutritionist" contains 100% Jerusalem artichoke fiber and consists only of natural organic products.
Principle of action:
* Jerusalem artichoke fiber helps to speed up the digestion process and cleanse the body. It binds up to 25-30% of the fat that enters the body with food, and removes it when the intestines are empty.
* The main property of Jerusalem artichoke fiber is its high ability to bind water. Once in the stomach, it swells, which leads to the rapid appearance of a feeling of fullness.
* Getting into the stomach and intestines, fiber quickly absorbs not only water, but also cholesterol, toxins, harmful substances and fats. Together with fiber, all these toxins quickly leave the body.
* Fiber from Jerusalem artichoke accelerates and regulates the functioning of the intestine, which significantly reduces the stay of food in the gastrointestinal tract.
COMPOSITION: Fiber of Jerusalem artichoke - 100%.
CONTAINS: Dietary fiber - 75%, including: insoluble - 67%, soluble - 8%; Proteins - 10%; Fats - 0.7%.
Important: Consists of only natural substances. No chemistry!
Net weight: 100 gr. (20 sachets of 5 g.)

* With caution: persons with individual intolerance to the components.
* Before using the product, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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