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Permission to use is an official certificate that earlier permits the operation of equipment and explosives of domestic and foreign production at hazardous facilities for the extraction of oil, gas and coal. It was issued by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision in the Russian Federation (Rostekhnadzor). Therefore, it is often called a certificate of Rostechnadzor. Features of authorization for use: The permit for use granted the right to operate a hazardous facility or to produce oil / gas using hazardous equipment, as well as the production and distribution of explosives. According to domestic legislation, the operation of equipment for which there is no authorization for use was impossible. Enterprises that violate this rule were fined, their activities could be terminated. It was necessary to obtain this permission both for Russian and foreign equipment. The permit of Rostekhnadzor was issued on a blue letterhead containing the following information: * Authorization number; * Full name of the equipment; * The code of the OKP (for domestic means) or the TNVED code (for foreign equipment) corresponding to the technique; * Name of the applicant company; * Country of manufacture of machinery; * Information on the documents that served as the basis for issuing the document; * Terms of use; * Possible expiration date. Cancellation of Rostekhnadzor's permission: In 2014, the issuance of permission Rostekhnadzor was abolished - to replace this procedure came the examination of industrial safety. Now for EPO, certified according to GOST, it is necessary to pass the EPB, and for those types of equipment that are manufactured and operated according to the Technical Regulations, it is enough to issue a certificate for TRTS. The fact is that the developed technical regulations provide for the verification of industrial safety of controlled types of equipment. Rules of registration: To draw up an application permit, it was necessary to apply to experts from certification centers. The procedure for issuing the document also included checking the technical documentation for the equipment and researching the goods themselves. Expertise of industrial safety today also takes place in several stages. Initially, the entrepreneur who intends to exploit / distribute the claimed equipment appeals to the regional center for product quality assessment, consults with specialists and provides a whole range of necessary documentation. Further authorized employees of the center analyze the obtained data, conduct (if necessary) the study of samples and draw up an appropriate conclusion. To clarify the need to design such a document, please contact the specialists of Rosstandart. With us, you can authorize the use of any single technical device and a whole batch of products, a number of devices of the same purpose (differing, for example, in size) and even the type of equipment. Our specialists are also ready to issue a certificate of compliance and an expert conclusion of industrial safety. After the issuance of the permit, our experts will conduct its legal support for the entire period of validity of the document (up to 5 years, or the operating time of the equipment).