Сималенд / Pendulum metal "Couple in love"

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Materials: metal, plastic;
Package size: 16 cm × 14 cm × 5.5 cm;
Black colour;
Holiday theme: February 14;
Battery Operated: Yes;
The mechanism works: from batteries It is said that a person can endlessly look at fire, water and the work of other people. But we boldly add a fourth item to this list - to watch the swinging of the pendulum, not paying attention to the outside world. Looking at the pendulum, you can easily tune in to peace and relieve nervous tension after a long day at work or during. The pendulum is a wonderful gift for an office worker and for a person who is subject to daily stress. To relax, you need to find just a couple of minutes during the working day, sitting comfortably in a chair, doing nothing, looking at the pendulum, thereby giving your brain and body a rest. And this pendulum will also become a souvenir for a work area and a gift to a colleague or relative.


Package height, mm
Width in packing, mm
Package weight, kg
Length in packing, mm

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