Red Rogue / Pendant "Kolyadnik rotating"

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Carols are perhaps the most common solar symbol of our ancestors. It is believed that its name comes from the word "kolo" (wheel, circle) - the ancient name for the sun. The Christmas carol symbolizes the movement of the sun across the sky, the change of day and night, the seasons ... This is a symbol of the passage of time, changes that make up the essence of life. The symbol of Kolyada - the Slavic god of the winter, young sun. The Slavs believed that Kolyada possesses tremendous strength, courage and courage - but, at the same time, is endowed with the gift of persuasion, which allows him to resolve disputes peacefully, avoiding bloodshed. This is not a simple talisman: it consists of two parts: the base on which the caroller himself is fixed. The turnover of the amulet is also very detailed, decorated with a patterned inscription "Glory to our Gods and ancestors"

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