Air-Active / Oxygen cartridge with "Comfort" mask

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The Air-Active oxygen cartridge is suitable for everyone, including children. It is harmless to the body and has no contraindications, it is dispensed without a prescription, and is not a drug. The breathing mixture is quickly absorbed. Features: eliminates signs of oxygen starvation; used in the preparation of an oxygen cocktail; a significant volume of the product allows the use of one cartridge for a long time. Composition: oxygen - 75%; argon - 25%. The volume of the oxygen cartridge is designed for 150 breaths (approximately 15 minutes with measured breathing). It is especially effective when used with aromatic additives. How to use: Remove the protective film from the can and the protective cap. Oxygen is recommended for breathing 1 hour after ingestion of food (medication), or as needed. It is recommended to take 5-8 breaths, but no more
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