B.WELL / Wrist tonometer "PRO-39"

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Features Arrhythmia indicator. Helps to identify irregular heart rhythms at an early stage. If during blood pressure measurement the tonometer detects an unstable pulse and detects arrhythmia, it displays a special symbol on the display. B.Well technology detects the very first signs of arrhythmia, allowing you to see a specialist in time and prevent incipient heart disease. Intellect Classic technology. Provides comfortable measurement and accurate results. The tonometer determines the optimal level of cuff inflation for each person. This allows you to get an accurate result, avoid unnecessary squeezing of the hand. Last measurement memory. Simple one-button control. Compact. Battery discharge indicator. Automatic shutdown. Complete set The device for measuring blood pressure and pulse rate model PRO-39 AAA batteries - 2 pcs. Warranty card Operating instructions Storage case
Tonometer type - Automatic;
Cuff Fastening - On the wrist;
Battery size - AAA;
Features of the tonometer - Arrhythmia indicator;
Features of the tonometer - Power indicator;
Features of the tonometer - Auto power off;
Features of the tonometer - Large display;
Cuff size
Tonometer memory - Last measurement;
Power type - From batteries


Width in packing, mm
Package weight, kg
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