Orenburg downy shawl / Downy tippet, plum color

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Composition: down 52%, PA 48%. Size: 150x50cm. Description: The stole will become a bright and stylish element of your wardrobe. Lightweight, warm, versatile product will keep you warm at any time of the year. The stole is the finest thread made of natural goat down and canonical patterns verified by years of artistic perfection! Goat down is an environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material that allows you to keep warm for a long time. Compositionally, the product is made in the traditions of the Orenburg down-knitting and consists of a middle, a strapping and a border. The composition of the stole is built using the method of creative variation on the basis of the classic motives of the Orenburg down-knitting. The middle is a path of "snowflakes" framed by a chain of rhombuses. Border - "flowers" from "small deaf ears" on a variable pattern from "millet". The prong is simple: a single "snake" connected at the same time with a stole. The quality of the product was noted by the art critic, the researcher of the craft Bushukhina I.V. The product has been produced at the legendary Factory of Orenburg downy shawls since 1939. The factory combines the canons of traditional down knitting and the latest technologies. The products of the Factory are known all over the world and are considered one of the main symbols of Russia. The products are approved by the expert council of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and have the status of a product of recognized artistic merit.

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