Сималенд / One-sided polysilk, 1x20 m

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Composition: Polypropylene, polystyrene;
Materials: polypropylene, polystyrene;
Certificate: ЕАС;
Size, m: 1 x 20;
Color: Golden;
Topic: Stripes;
Holiday theme: New Year;
Type: In rolls;
Sheet type: One-sided Polysilk - a thin and durable film based on polypropylene. Thanks to the metallized coating, the material has a luxurious shine and looks elegant and festive. This is the optimal packaging for large gifts, gifts of non-standard shape, you can make huge bows and flowers from it. One-sided polysilicon is a film painted on one side only. The reverse side is a metallized layer without painting. Properties: * winding: 1 x 20 m / 1 x 50 m; * weight of rollers: 460 g / 1020 g; * material density: 17 microns; * linear elongation: 28%. The three-layer structure and special composite additives give the material elasticity, tensile strength, fluidity (the film stretches well), the material is easy to cut and takes the desired shape. Does not lose its decorative effect when crumpled. The multilayer structure of the film gives the material a natural softness and flexibility, but leaves a pleasant slight rustle inherent in polymer films. Polysilk complies with the standards for food packaging (no odor, absolute toxicological harmlessness). The film meets the highest requirements for abrasion resistance (resistance to direct contact with water and solutions, synthetic detergents, edible fats, paraffin, adhesive tape).


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