Алтэя / Stone oil "Joy of movement" with saber and white willow, 30 capsules of 500 mg

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Stone oil has pronounced wound healing, antibacterial, antitumor properties, as a result of which it is recommended in the treatment of stomatitis, otitis media, diabetes, pleurisy, cataracts, prostatitis, intestinal disorders, colitis, ulcers, cystitis, and kidney diseases. Marsh cinquefoil has a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system, forms and maintains the structure of cartilage tissue, respiratory and digestive organs. White willow reduces pain and swelling of joints, has astringent, disinfectant, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Ingredients: stone oil, marsh cinquefoil, white willow, ascorbic acid. Method of application: take orally 1 capsule 1 time a day in the morning with meals, washed down with a liquid (water, tea, juice). Full course - 30 days (1 pack).
Package quantity - 30;
Prescription of food additives - For bones and joints;
Form of release of food additives - Capsules


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