Kaemingk / New Year's glowing pillow Kid Fluff at the window 45 * 45 cm on batteries

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The adorable baby Fluff looks out the window with curiosity, mesmerized by the night snowfall, while a whole kaleidoscope of colors unfolds behind him in the elegant living room.
This is not the plot of a Christmas card - this is an adorable picture adorned with a New Year's pillow with bulbs from skilful Dutch designers.
The original accessory will create an unusually cozy atmosphere in the house.
Place it on an armchair, sofa or windowsill - the warm glow of the lights on the LED pillow will highlight the adorable puppy and give you a festive mood.
Pillows with bulbs are an original solution for New Year's decor.
The beautiful drawing is organically complemented by LEDs - the feeling that the picture is about to come to life! The flashlights are battery operated, so you can place the accessory anywhere in your apartment without worrying about the availability of power outlets.
A souvenir pillow will look good on a sofa, armchair or windowsill.
Specifications: Size: 45 * 45 cm.
Material: textile.
Illumination: 5 warm white LED lamps.
Powered by batteries: 2 pcs, type AA (not included).
Approximate battery life with one set of batteries: 72 hours (depends on the quality of the batteries).
Weight: 0.51 kg Package volume: 0.0065 m 3

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