Sanitelle / Alcohol antiseptic wipes

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Cosmetic for hand skin care napkin made of non-woven material with impregnation. Sanitelle® Ethyl Alcohol Antiseptic Hand Wipes in 99 seconds destroy 99.99% of the most common pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses. Contain moisturizers. Softens the skin of the hands, leaving a feeling of freshness. Method of application: Open the bag, remove and unfold the tissue, wipe your hands or other areas of the skin. The processing time is 15-20 seconds, until the skin completely dries. Designed for people leading an active lifestyle, parents of newborn children and adolescents, use in everyday home environments and outside the home, for the prevention of diseases in the workplace. If the order is not available. Production time 2 months.


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3 years
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