Тканые узоры / Napkin fabric "Spring foliage", 95х88

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Composition: cotton 42%, acrylic 49%, viscose 9%
Size: 95x91.
The homespun napkin "Spring Foliage" continues the theme of nature.

The desire of the master in the manufacture of this work of unity with nature,

expressed in a complex weaving of threads.

The colors on the napkin are just pouring, they still do not fully reveal the whole range of colors.

This is just the beginning. This is the birth of life. After all, all living things are born in the spring.

And also the style of openwork weaves does not allow us to tear ourselves from our roots,

from its originality, from the Slavic style. Developing a weaving design,

the master put in the soul, all the warmth that mother gives us - nature.

Always looking at this napkin, we mentally return to the origins of Russian culture.

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