Муссон / Boat "Monsoon" Н 270 С slan

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Boat "Monsoon" Н 270 С slan olive color. "Monsoon H 270 C" is a rowing boat designed for recreation, hunting and fishing on the water. It differs from previous models in size and the presence of a hard "book" floor. With this boat you can do what you love at any time and in any weather, a wide temperature range makes it possible to operate the product from early spring to late autumn. The boat's spaciousness allows two people to enjoy active rest at once. Go fishing with a friend and share the joy of the catch with him. The modern model "Monsoon H 270 C" is made of PVC with a multilayer structure, resistant to punctures, cuts and ultraviolet rays, thereby increasing the service life. The coloring allows you to be unnoticed against the background of vegetation, which means that you will not frighten off your prey. This model can be stored for a long time without any additional surface treatments. The boat is easy to transport: when folded, it does not take up much space. This feature


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