Сималенд / Modular picture "Map"

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Materials: wood, PVC;
Package size: 110 cm × 87 cm × 3 cm;
Number of modules: 4;
Topic: Maps;
Holiday theme: Universal;
Type of installation: Wall-mounted How to fix a modular picture: Modules should be placed at a distance of 1.5-2 cm from each other. This will create a beautiful effect: if you look at the picture from an angle, then the sides of the neighboring module will continue the image. If the modules are located at different levels, measure the offset distance in advance, this will make it easier to work in the future. How to hang a modular picture: Determine the centerpiece of the composition. This can be the average module or the distance between the parts of the picture (if there are an even number of them). - Circle with a pencil the place where the first part will be located. – Step back from this line (towards the center) 4 cm from the top and 5 cm from the side (along the width of the subframe). – Mark a point at the intersection of the lines. It is here that you need to drive in a nail (two from above will be enough). – Hang all modules in the same way. Stylish interior accent is ready!


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