Dubok Wooden Family / Model "Trailer for a tractor" olive, pine

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Model "Trailer for a tractor" assembled If you want a status product, buy an oak model. If you want to work boldly without fear of spoiling expensive wood, buy a pine model. Need a "golden mean", pay attention to birch wood. By itself, a strong and powerful tractor can be of little use to a person without attachments, with which he plows, sows, irrigates, and applies fertilizer. And the tractor also has a trailer as its assistants. If necessary, the tractor driver connects the trailer to the tractor and uses it to transport goods: boxes with fruit from the garden, logs or firewood from the forest, animals from the farm. So our "Tractor" now has a main assistant - "Trailer for a tractor". It only fits the Tractor model and comes complete with a Cow pet figurine. We recommend purchasing complete with the assembled model "Tractor" or with the constructor "Tractor". As a stand-alone model, the Tractor Trailer may be useless, as it is an addition to the toy car. The Trailer Trailer model can be purchased ready-made immediately. It is assembled by hand from large, carefully crafted natural oak parts. For structural strength, they are glued. The surface of the Tractor Trailer has been treated with safe children's toy oil. "Trailer for a tractor" will be delivered to its buyer in craft packaging, which is suitable for transportation and for presenting a presentable gift. Appointment of goods in conjunction with the "Tractor" model: An exclusive gift for people of any age and social status; Stylish piece of furniture for a child's room and other living quarters; Office or retail decor; A functional piece of office or showroom. For example, for the original display of goods or storage of office supplies; Props for thematic photo shoots; Toy for children from 3 years old; Toy for playrooms in children's medical and preventive institutions; A toy for a kindergarten of general education, according to the Montessori system or with Waldorf pedagogy. A toy for playrooms in restaurants and shopping centers. Material: Oak Packing size (LxWxH): 34x16.5x19.5cm Model Shipping Weight: 2.2 kg Model size (LxWxH): 33x15.5x17.8cm Model weight: 1.9kg Country of origin: Russia

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