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The dimensional grid: 40-46 Quantity in the box: 4 Color scheme of the model: Olive The model is 153/01. Frozen overalls This series of semi-overalls is designed to create safe and comfortable conditions during fishing and hunting. A distinctive feature is that the overalls are made with a special cut and are suitable for fat people. For a better fit to the figure, a rubber band is laid along the sides of the upper edge of the overalls. The boot is made using three-component casting technology. The sole is resistant to abrasion by adding rubber components to the PVC composition. It has elasticity, cold resistance and high damping properties due to a layer of foamed nitrile rubber. You will feel comfortable both on muddy terrain, and on a stony shore. The top is made of cloth - Vinitol. Durable, durable, abrasion resistant, rubberized material. All seams of the overalls are connected with the use of a special soldering technique, which helped to achieve better strength and tightness The product must be stored on a hanger in a dry place at an ambient temperature of 0 ° C to + 25 ° C, avoiding direct sunlight and the effects of heating devices.


Model 153/01 153/01
* water-repellent properties * non-slip outsole * innovative technologies * hypoallergenic material * shock-absorbing properties * durability * abrasion resistance

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