B.WELL / Inhaler "WN-117"

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Compressor nebulizer WN-117 is used to treat acute respiratory diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, bronchial asthma, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. The mechanism of action of WN-117 is based on dispersed drug dispersion. Acquiring the consistency of an aerosol, the drug reaches all parts of the respiratory system faster and has a quick therapeutic effect. Aerodynamic particle size (less than 4 microns) allows for effective inhalation of the upper and lower respiratory tract. This model is distinguished by a high degree of reliability. The set includes: adult and child masks; mouthpiece; air hose; spare air filters. Package contents Main unit Atomizer 2-13 ml Mouthpiece Mask for children Mask for an adult Set of filters - 5 pcs. Air Hose Instruction Manual and Warranty Card
The volume of one container, ml - 13;
Noise level, dB - 60;
Power type - 220 V mains;
Inhaler atomization method - Piston compressor;
Free after-sales service, years - 10;
Spray rate, ml / min - 0.25;
Air flow, l / min - 5;
Air flow, l / min - 8;
Aerosol particle size, microns - 0.50 * 5.00;
Product type (inhalers) - Inhaler


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