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LLC "ASAP SOLUTIONS" renders professional services for business in the field of marketing research and marketing. As part of the marketing research, the company conducts an in-depth analysis of the required area and object, development trends. The following types of analysis are also carried out: analysis of the target market, analysis of competitors and their positions, analysis of products on the market, etc. If necessary, the strategic positions of the future project are described, risks are assessed and SWOT analysis is provided, which provides a structured description of the situation, regarding which a decision is to be made. The basic work is accompanied by the forms and tables, on the basis of which the analysis of marketing research was carried out. In addition to services to attract customers, optimize and increase the efficiency of the already functioning business, we are ready to offer solutions for new business, from strategic planning to implementation of the developed promotion strategy or individual marketing activities. OUR MAIN ACTIVITIES: * DEVELOPMENT OF MARKETING STRATEGY Development of a promotion strategy, including tactical features of its implementation. If you want to bring a new product to the market, or carry out a rapid marketing campaign to strengthen the positions of the already existing one, you can not do without a detailed action plan corresponding to the current situation on the market. * MARKETING RESEARCH AND AUDIT Market research, analysis of the competitive environment and audit of the current marketing company. To make the right strategic and tactical decisions, you need to have input data. We conduct business intelligence, collect and analyze information, which allows us to achieve the best results. * INTEGRATED PROMOTION A full range of services for promotion and support of the marketing campaign. To implement the planned activities, qualified personnel are required. We are ready to provide a dedicated working group that will best implement all the planned activities and prepare working reports. * ADVERTISING AND PR Development of creative advertising concepts with high efficiency of return. The modern potential client is spoiled enough and practically does not perceive the advertising material. We will help to develop advertising models that are fresh and relevant to the positioning of the company.