Logistics, customs clearance of export-import goods Logistics, customs clearance of export-import goods

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One of the main activities of export-import operations of our company, which include the reception and handling of cargoes in the world's major ports of St.-Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Odessa carry permits for export-import, customs clearance and delivery to the consumer. We have extensive experience with Metalworking oversized cargo, bulk, chemicals, heavy machine tools, presses and heavy machinery, mineral and raw materials. Сontainer and bulk cargo. Admission is carried out directly by our representatives from making the act of reception - transmission of goods. The customer is given quality and compliance with international standards. Types of services include: -providing a full range of services for processing and handling export and import cargoes in the ports of the world with a choice of options for delivery (DAP, DAT, CPT, CIF, CFR, DDP). -organization of transportation of cargoes of any category of danger and in any package, the following ports and through the customs territory of Ukraine; -organization of transportation of cargoes of any category of danger and in any package, railway transport on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, the EU, including the plan of allocation and to pay for the train fare, letters and telegraphic regulate the passage of goods in transit; -warehousing and storage of goods in warehouses; -processing, marking, weighing, sorting goods, packing fraction or packing and presentation of products that will be shipped in appropriate containers and packaging - No damage during sea, road or rail transport; -transshipment cargo (from) machines, and / m () FCL (LCL) 20 / 40Контейнеры; -customs clearance, insurance, registration documents; -determine the status and quality of inbound and export cargo of the chamber of Commerce; SGS .... -reservation of places on ships, chartering of vessels, loading supervision, issues bills of lading, shipping documents; Quickly after the release, providing a complete set of documents for confirmation of export.