Khokhloma painting / Set for wine "Kremlin Tower" 14 items

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Set for wine "Kremlin Tower" 14 items. The set consists of: case for damask 320 * 135mm - 1 piece, glass 90 * 70 mm - 6 pieces, glass 65 * 50mm - 6 pieces, plate-panel 400 * 20mm - 1 piece. Hand carved from solid wood. The opening case is made in the form of the tower of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. Painting in the technique of background writing "Kudrina". Made in full accordance with the traditional Khokhloma gilding technology. It is possible to place an order for the manufacture of a product with other types of painting "Berries", "Celebration", "Lilies of the valley", etc. The term of a personal order is 21-45 days. Lacquer coating and repeated high-temperature firing makes the product waterproof and wear-resistant. All materials used in the production are natural and environmentally friendly. The set is intended for cold, hot, alcoholic, juice-containing drinks, and also serves as an element of room decor. Each item bears the signature of the author of the painting. The packaging is made of branded carton. Materials: Solid wood (linden), primer, drying oil, aluminum powder, enamel, natural pigments-dyes, varnish suitable for contact with food.

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