Золотая Хохлома / Set "Chess" 36x36x2.5 cm

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Set "Chess". Product size: 360 * 360 * 25mm. Made in full accordance with traditional Khokhloma technology. The board is decorated in a classic style. The figures are hand carved from solid wood. The set has an author's painting in the technique of riding a letter. Lacquer coating and repeated high-temperature firing makes the product waterproof and wear-resistant. All materials used in the production are natural and environmentally friendly. Chess develops sharpness of thought, intuition and acumen. This unique set of author's design will brighten up your leisure time, and will also become an excellent gift option for a fan of this ancient game: a friend, colleague or business partner. Each item bears the signature of the author of the painting. The packaging is made of branded cardboard. Dimensions: Length: 360 mm Width: 360 mm Height: 25 mm Materials: Solid wood (linden), primer, drying oil, aluminum powder, enamel, natural pigments-dyes, varnish suitable for contact with food.


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