International sea cargo transportation International sea cargo transportation

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International sea transport of goods is one of the most optimal in terms of cost and allows you to deliver goods to different continents. Most of the cargo in the world is delivered by sea. Sea transportation of containers occupies a significant share in the total volume of transport. Containerized shipping by water traditionally has a low cost. Savings compared to air transportation, depending on the mass, volume and type of cargo, is tens of percent. Such delivery does not require repeated overload. It is loaded into the container from the sender and unloaded already in your warehouse, this increases the safety of your cargo. Using vessels of different displacement and a variety of types of containers, we guarantee the delivery of any type of cargo suitable for this type of transportation. When ordering the sea transportation of containers in the "Fenix ​​Logistics" can significantly save. The benefit is due to the wide possibilities of freight, as well as the use of the potential of many major transport hubs in the world. They are ports in the Baltic and Europe, transshipment bases in America and Asia. At the request of the client, we can arrange sea transportation of oversized cargo, as well as delivery of dangerous goods and products that require a certain temperature regime. Regardless of the mode of transportation, our customers receive impeccable service, guarantees the safety of the cargo and the timeliness of its receipt.