Tekila-Soap / Hydrophilic oil, 30 ml

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Hydrophilic oil is an oil or oil blend, supplemented with mild vegetable emulsifier, allowing you to make friends with the oil to water. Hydrophilic oil will easily wash away stubborn makeup and BB cream, deeply cleanse the pores, get rid of pimples and "black spots" and help to solve skin problems. After cleansing, the skin becomes velvety and moisturized, with no residual fat on the face does not remain. Suitable for removing makeup from the eyes.


✔ make-up (permanent make-up, BB creams)

✔ Daily washing

✔ Deep pore cleansing of the skin (used as mask)

✔ Emollient lotion after a shower

✔ With sunburn and help the skin retain moisture

✔ Gentle intimate hygiene products

Ingredients: sweet almond Oil, oil of apricot pits, oil of olive, macadamia oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, Polysorbate TWEEN-80

✔ Suitable: for oily, dry, combination skin, teen

will Also please the owners of dry and hypersensitive skin, because the oil does not dry the skin, unlike alkaline Soaps, gels and foams for washing on the basis of aggressive surfactants

✔ how to use: apply on dry skin, massage in a circular motion is distributed on the skin. Then, add a little water and once again do the massage. Then gently wash off all.

✔ How to store: at room temperature (avoid direct sunlight, do not store near heating appliances)


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