Kaemingk / Holiday Mix Gift Wrapping Set 10-Piece

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The Holiday Mix set will help you to effectively present a gift.
In it you will find everything that will allow you to quickly and beautifully pack a present for the New Year: rolls of wrapping paper, satin ribbons and postcards on which you can leave warm congratulations to your loved one.
All materials differ in prints and colors, which allows you to make the packaging design individual for each person.
Gift wrapping paper is an indispensable and very important attribute for a holiday, be it New Year, Birthday or any other occasion.
Add some finishing touches to the wrapping paper - beautiful ribbons, strings and festive bows - and the wow effect won't be long in coming.
After all, the fact that people are met by their clothes has been known for a long time.
Stylish packaging will bring no less pleasure than its contents, because it is so nice to open a surprise, wondering what is inside! Features: In a set: 4 rolls of wrapping paper, 2 ribbons, 4 cards.
Material: paper, textile.
Weight: 0.22 kg Package length: 0.54 m.
Package width: 0.07 m.
Package height: 0.03 m.
Package volume: 0.0013 m 3

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