Group Classic tour to Armenia with guaranteed departure Group Classic tour to Armenia with guaranteed departure

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If you are planning your first trip to Armenia, then this tour is just for you. The excursion program is designed so that in just a week of staying in Armenia you have as far as possible to get deeper into our country. You will have time to discover traditions, interesting facts from the history of Armenia, visit the most important historical, cultural and spiritual centers, and communicate with colorful people. As expected, our tour with a gastronomic accent and you can taste the ancient, primordially Armenian dishes from natural products, take part in the master class on baking Armenian bread of lavash and learn how to prepare the gifts of Sevan from the real chef. It will not do without strong - we will get acquainted with the process of making Armenian wine and the legendary cognac, after which the tasting will follow. The tour is conceived in such a way that you can enjoy the amazing diversity of nature, see the mountains, forests, caves, gorges and waterfalls of Armenia - during most of the tour being under the majestic view of the legendary Mount Ararat. When developing this program, we used all our experience and the desire to present sunny Armenia to our guests in all their glory and versatility. Almost every month, from April to November, we have group tours on this classic program. We recruit only mini groups up to 15 people and all excursions are conducted only in Russian. All groups are serviced by comfortable transport, by the best guides and, not by accident, this tour was the best and most sought-after tourist product Barev Armenia, from which we are guaranteed to receive positive feedback.