Хорошие сувениры / Garden figure "Boy with a yoke" 18x33x49 cm

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Plaster figures are a great way to decorate your garden. This material has many advantages. Gypsum is a material of natural origin, therefore it does not have a negative impact on health and the environment. The product can be repainted in any color that suits you. The material is not flammable, is not afraid of sparks from a barbecue or fire. With proper care, the products will last for several seasons. To extend the life of your plaster cast, we recommend that you paint your figures with water-based acrylic paint.
Color - Multi-colored;
Height, cm - 51;
Cover - No;
Material - Gypsum;
Covering - Varnish;
Volume, l
Planter type - Universal;
Type of pots - Outdoor;
Type of pots - Desktop;
Figure shape (piggy banks, pots) - People, professions;
Figure shape - Garden decor;
Can be left outside in winter - No;
There is a drain hole - No;


Width in packing, mm
Package height, mm
Package weight, kg
Length in packing, mm

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