Глобен / Globe physical and political "Classic Euro"

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In the box: 1 piece;

Composition: Plastic;

Materials: plastic;

Packing: 1 pc;

Individual packing: Colored cardboard box;

Packing size: 22cm × 22.5cm × 25.5cm;

Diameter, mm: 210;

Stand height, cm: 3.2;

Diameter, cm: 21;

Type of packaging: Cardboard box;

Material: Plastic;

Backlight: Yes;

Globe type: Physico-political;

Features of the globes: Backlight;

Backlight: Battery operated;

Battery-powered globes have already won the hearts of children and their parents. And this is not surprising - such a globe can be used as a night light. It is they who are chosen today by modern caring parents. What are the advantages of a battery-powered globe: * safety. Now you can leave the globe on all night! * convenience. The globe is powered by two AA batteries and is equipped with a simple switch, familiar even to a baby. Replacing used batteries is as easy as changing a light bulb in globes with backlighting from the mains. * mobility. Do not look for an outlet with your eyes! Now the globe can delight you with the included illumination anywhere in the house and even outside it. The embossed globe with battery backlight is a special model. This globe has a relief that repeats the heights of the globe. It is pleasant to study such a globe by touch, connecting tactile perception, for which Montessori teachers especially fell in love with it.


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