Like me / Gift set: sleep mask, vacuum headphones and external battery

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Composition: Acrylic, cardboard, metal, plastic, textile;
Materials: acrylic, cardboard, metal, plastic, textiles;
Package size: 20.5 cm × 16.5 cm × 2.5 cm;
Certificate: EAC;
For whom: For women, For girls;
Holiday theme: Universal;
Addressee: No addressee
A gift set with an external battery, headphones and a sleep mask is suitable for business people who want to always stay in touch and keep everything under control. The set will be convenient for those who are constantly traveling: the headphones will save you from outside noise if you are in a car or plane, the power bank will prevent devices from sitting down, and a sleep mask will save your daytime sleep. The external battery comes with a separate cable for the USB and micro USB connectors. Suitable for replenishing the battery of mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras and other devices. IMPORTANT! It is possible to use any phone to charge (you need your own cord), but the capacity of the battery must be less than the capacity of the charger (5000 mAh).


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