ЛАС ИГРАС / Game "Book of Changes" + ancient Tibetan fortune telling Mo

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Boxing: 136 pcs;
Composition: Paper, cardboard, metal, textiles;
Materials: paper, cardboard, metal, textiles;
Packing: 1 pc;
Individual packing: Foil;
Packing size: 9.5cm × 16cm × 2.5cm;
Age: From 16 years old;
Holiday theme: Universal, Halloween, March 8;
Material: Textile, Paper, Cardboard, Metal;
Number of players: 2 players, 2 - 4 players, 1 player;
Playing time: 20 minutes;
Game genre: Fortune telling;
Reason to play: On the road, March 8, Halloween;
Number of players: 1 - 4 Get answers to all questions! The ancient Chinese book of changes is an oracle book, it is filled with age-old wisdom. Whatever worries you, you can turn to fortune telling from the Book of Changes and certainly get an answer, because this book knows all the secrets of the past, present and future. How do I go to the Book of Changes? Be clear about your question, take three coins and toss them together six times. After each toss, see which side the majority of the coins fell on. If they fell on the side of the "yang" - draw a solid line, if "yin" - a dashed line. Draw from bottom to top. You will end up with a six-line symbol - solid and dotted. And then refer to the interpretation! Mo Tibetan fortune telling In the kit you will also find the ancient Tibetan Mo fortune telling. To do this, take a special MO cube in your hands, formulate a question and roll the cube twice. See what combination of syllables you have dropped, and read the interpretation. Inside you will find: * 3 Chinese coins; * 2 cubes for Tibetan divination "MO"; * instruction for fortune telling "Book of Changes"; * rules of the game. Find out the secrets of the future!


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