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The fire certificate confirms 100% compliance of products with the fire safety requirements in force in the territory of the Russian Federation (fire safety standards of the Technical Regulations). It is obligatory to make out such a certificate required for goods entered in the corresponding official list, which includes * building and finishing materials, * means of fire protection, * electrical devices, * gas boilers and other. A fire certificate is required for both production and distribution activities (import of goods). In the latter case, the official fire certificate indicates the fire safety of the transported lot and is the basis for obtaining a permit for import of imported products. The procedure for drawing up a fire certificate for domestic and imported products is identical. Fire certificate (additional information): The rules for issuing this document and the fire safety standards for products are established by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements", registered under the 123rd number. This national normative and technical act regulates all aspects of fire safety of products in the territory of Russia. The Federal Law of the Russian Federation provides for issuing to entrepreneurs either a certificate or a declaration. A fire certificate is an official government document that is necessary for certain product groups for its production, import and basic certification. This document is valid only in the territory of our country, it is made on a special form, protected from forgery and registered in the appropriate registry. Voluntary fire certification: A fire certificate can be issued by an entrepreneur voluntarily. Such a document is issued for products that are not subject to mandatory fire certification, and indicates full compliance of the claimed equipment / material with fire safety requirements in force in the Russian Federation. The presence of a voluntarily issued certificate will significantly increase the trust and interest of consumers, contribute to the receipt of state orders and attract new companies in mutually beneficial cooperation. Rules of registration: To clarify whether you need a fire certificate or require a declaration of compliance with fire safety standards, you can at any regional certification authority. Specialists of such cents can also order the receipt of the required certification or voluntary quality certificate. The process of issuing a fire certificate involves conducting an audit of the entrepreneur's documentation, conducting product sample studies and other activities necessary to identify the compliance of the product with statutory regulations. The fire certificate issued in the center of Rosstandart operates for a period of 1 to 5 years in the entire customs territory of our state. By contacting us, you only need to fill out an application and provide some information and information regarding your company and imported / produced goods. For detailed advice and any clarifications, please contact the office of our accredited center. All the expert advice provided by Rosstandart is free of charge.