JOVI / Felt pens for fabric 12 colors

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Why do children love to draw with felt-tip pens so much? Young artists are attracted not only by the endless craving for creativity, but also by the practicality and ergonomics of using writing instruments. Unlike pencils, markers do not need sharpening or effort to create bright lines. They have an advantage over paints in that the images are immediately clear, and the color saturation is in no way inferior to gouache. Simplicity that creates beauty in the blink of an eye is what really attracts little creators! The JOVI textile markers (12 colors) are the perfect choice for creating mini masterpieces at a minimum cost. A high-quality product will channel all the creativity of the child in the right direction. Product features Wash off with plenty of warm water and soap. For the pattern to become durable, you need to iron the back of the fabric. Wash at a temperature not higher than +40 degrees. Type of packaging - Cardboard box;
Number of colors - 12;
Set - Yes;
Color - Multi-colored;
Purpose of markers - For fabric;
Writing tip type - Bullet;
Color features
Eurosuspension - Yes;
Marker type - Water;
Marker Features - No features;
Writing unit diameter, mm - 4.8


Width in packing, mm
Package weight, kg
Package height, mm
Length in packing, mm

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