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Industrial Safety Expertise (EPR) is a process that aims to certify the conformity of production devices or equipment with all the requirements and standards of the Technical Supervision Service that have been adopted to date. Which permitting document is issued based on the results of the industrial safety examination? - Upon the successful completion of the EPB, you will be issued with a permit document - an opinion of the EPB. Why is it necessary to draw up an opinion on the EPB? - In a situation where the examination of industrial safety is mandatory, without the resulting final document you can not legally carry out: * Manufacturing of industrial equipment and devices; * Their import or export; * Realization and trade. Where can an industrial safety assessment be carried out? - You can conduct an EPB and obtain an authorization document by contacting our center Rosstandart. Our specialists will answer all your questions for free. How long can an EPB report be used? - Such an authorization document is not limited in time, in fact being an indefinite one. Is it necessary to conduct industrial safety expertise if approvals have already been obtained for devices or equipment? (certificates / declarations) - No, only on a voluntary basis. How is the EPB carried out? - The process itself is similar to the procedure of certification / declaration of products: Appeal of the businessman to the center "Rosstandart": * Drawing up an application for inspection, as well as preparing all necessary documents. * Selection of equipment for laboratory testing. * If the applicant manufactures production equipment - check on the production. * Issuance of the final report to the customer with a positive end of the checks.