Excursions to production - pottery craft Excursions to production - pottery craft

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Production tour: MUSEUM OF CERAMICS FROM LIHOSLAVL "It's not the Gods that burn pots ..." Everyone who wants to try himself as a potter and artist is invited to a fascinating journey, where real talented wizards work, who managed to use the natural elements (land, water, air and fire) and put them at the service of the art of ceramics! On the circle, the plant begins to rotate, And here it is a fabulous transformation, Of clay like a fairy tale, as marvelous as a miracle There are different kinds of dishes. Here are the whistles of the amusing series, Here are the toys for the guys, Makitry, gleychiki, pitchers- All this is from ordinary clay! Hope Vedenyapina During the tour you will learn the secrets of the ancient craft - pottery, the history of the enterprise, you will see a unique production process, learn how to create unique pottery, sculpt whistles, visit the exhibition hall of the museum, which houses the exposition dedicated to the history of pottery ceramics. Experienced masters will disclose the secrets of their skills and demonstrate their work on the potter's wheel, and then each participant will create his own product under the guidance of the master. Created by the hands of the product the participant will be able to take home for memory! In a programme: * Visit to ceramic production, * familiarity with the history of folk art crafts, with a stylized stylization of clay toys, with the secrets of mastering the creation of ceramic products; * a master class in pottery and a master class on manual modeling, a master class on the painting of pottery; * visiting the museum of the enterprise; * The museum can take ceramic and pottery made at the oldest enterprise of folk arts and crafts of ZAO "Khudozhestvennye promysly". * by prior arrangement we organize tea-drinking with national Karelian pies. Duration: 1-2 hours Waiting for you!! Price list Master class + excursion (weekdays): for children - 200 rubles; for adults - 300 rubles. Master class + excursion (weekends and holidays): for children - 300 rubles; for adults - 400 rubles.